faq ☆


- Are you a model ?


- Why do you only post some messages and not others ? 

I don’t post msgs with ‘check out my blog’. I post the ones that truly touch me, the ones I need to publish to show how amazing and lovely you guys are <3 i love nice messages :) i also don’t post modeling questions, you just have to read my modeling tips page guys, sorry ! xx

- What’s your theme ?

Sorry, I don’t give it out because I don’t want it to become like ‘Blink and it’s Over’.. I know it’s a little selfish, sorry guys :/

- How tall are you ? And how much do you weigh ?

I’m 5’8.5”, and my shifts between 105 lbs and 110.

- Do you really know Karl Lagerfeld ?

Yup, my mom and him are work buddiesssss (mom’s a fashion stylist/journalist/editor)

- How old are you ?

16 on june 1st !! 

- Where do you live ?

I live in the 16th “arrondissement” in Paris, France. My mom is born Californian though and my dad’s Lebanese. I was born in Paris.

- Do you follow back ?

I’ll check out your blog if you ask me, and if I like it, then yes I will definitely follow back. If it’s not my type or style, sorry but I won’t follow. 

- What’s your current fashion obsession ?

I am passionately in love with pastel, studs and model tattoos.

- Role model ?

My mom ! She’s amazing, and I’m so grateful to have a mom working in fashion. And Kate Moss.

- Fave designer ?

Miu Miu, Lanvin, Acne

Promo for promo ?

I must be following you and you must have 8000+ followers so that we can both benefit from the promo :) i’ll be asking for a screenshot, so no lies please lovelies ! xx

- Why are you called fashionstarvation ?

I am always starving for more style inspirations. I am never truly satisfied ! I was previously ‘pictureperfectishot’.

- Since when are you on Tumblr ?

 January 2010

- Where did you get your banner ?

Made it myself !

- How many followers ?

not telling

- Where can I find a picture of you ?

On my blog, on the page ‘myself’. I’m the wavy-haired brunette/blonde, depends on the sun ;)

- Fave models ?

 Gemma, Abbey, Natasha, Freja, Barbara, Anna, Kate, Daphne, Karlie, Erin, Chanel, Rosie, Sasha, Coco, Jessica, Imogen, Sigrid, Frida, Adriana, Alessandra, Candice, Cintia, Lily, Bambi, Jac, Julia, Josephine, Ginta, Jac, Constance, Jourdan, Arizona, Behati, Valeria, Emily and soooo many more !!!

- Why are you so skinny ? Are you anorexic ?

Hell, no, but I am careful of what I eat, that I am. I walk a lot as well.

- Why do you change the click-through link ? Isn’t that wrong ?

Actually, there aren’t any rules about the click-through. The source is not changed, so there isn’t any photo “stealing” and i think that whoever you reblog this from should have the link changed, so that you can check out the blog you reblogged from, not the source. There already is a link for the source. So no, it is not wrong to change the click-through link.


Chestnut hair.

Green eyes.

Long legs.

Wavy hair.